Education system: the ship with many holes


“We won’t meet the goal of a better higher education until professors, instead of acting as teachers, become designers of the learning experience.”

Larry Spence (2001)

Today, Every Indian street is said to contain at least one Engineer. Wow!! Isn’t that amazing? Well, it is not. IT revolution not only brought jobs to India. It also brought a flood of Engineering colleges to meet the growing demand for Software Engineers. Suddenly Engineering became everybody’s passion. No matter which engineering branch you chose, there was a good 85% probability that you would ultimately land up in the IT sector. The situation has only deteriorated since then. Today, there is a high chance that you may not even get the job. So needless to say, this probability applies to you only if you get a job after completing your Engineering degree. So what to do amidst all this chaos?

According to me, there is one thing that engineering students really need to do, i.e. focus on value addition. The misunderstanding among the majority of students is that there are no jobs in the core sector (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics). Well, this is only partially true. No doubt, there are lesser jobs in these sectors as compared to IT sector. But there are the good number of opportunities with very good salaries. But the problem is lack of technical knowledge among students.


In the majority of cases, 4 years of engineering fail to add any significant value to students in terms of knowledge. Students are not at all interested in developing basics of the specialization (Ex. Civil) chosen. Now think about it, why would a construction company or electronics company or automobile firm hire an engineer who is just equipped with a B.Tech or B.E degree and has no knowledge about the basic concepts of his/her specialization (civil, electronics, mechanical etc.). So what these Engineers do? They run towards IT industry. But there is a limit to the number of students it can accommodate. What about the remaining students? Well, they have no option and hence remain unemployed. The difference between such Engineers and successful Engineers is rightly depicted by the picture below.


As much as students are responsible for their poor technical knowledge, Institutions and colleges are equally responsible for the poor learning environment. Value addition is possible only if we enjoy studying a particular subject. So, If we can find ways to identify and create learning experience environment that engineers enjoy, then we can say that we have made an important progress in our effort to improve the quality of current education system. My point here is that teaching should encourage students to learn and at the same time should keep them engaged. This is the environment in which real value addition takes place.

We enjoy good restaurants because they provide a high-quality dining experience. The main aspects of dining experience are an elaborate food menu, well-prepared food and good service. If any of these things is missing, the quality of dining experience is significantly decreased. Among all these aspects, quality of food is the most important. This is the main reason for visiting a particular restaurant.

Similarly, institutions and universities need to provide high-quality content, better instructions and good faculty who can interact with engineering students. These are the fundamental reasons for which a student decides to study at a particular college. It doesn’t matter much how exciting the infrastructure or how kind the faculty is; the overall learning experience is the deciding factor.

Closing Remarks:

Students need to overcome both of these hurdles to stand out of the majority of Engineers who are “Unemployable” and to lay a foundation stone for their successful careers. Developing Interest and clearing the first hurdle is completely under a student’s control but the second hurdle is completely out of their control. This is where we as MACHENLINK promise you to provide every necessary assistance to help you build a bright future. We, the founders of MACHENLINK, have been through a similar situation during our graduation and consider it as our duty to assist students who are presently in a similar situation.

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