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Super Cool Lectures

Lectures contain cool animations and incorporates anti-boring teaching strategy. All our lecture videos revolve around a time span of 30 minutes to maximize concentration.

Quirky Quizzes

Topic wise tests/quizzes are sure to give students a nightmare if they have not completely understood the subject.

Amazing E-notes

Concise notes covering all the topics related to a subject is the next best thing for students to revise the studied concepts at regular intervals.


Our discussion forum is just a start in the direction of making learning customized for each student. Clarifying doubts and questions instantaneosuly is our final goal.


We have pledged to spread knowledge at an unbelievable low price. Video lectures on any subject are available at this cost.

Independent Courses

Just Pay for the subject you want to study. Every course and service is separately available to ensure that you can select what you want.

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26th February 2017

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